Our band was originally a solo project started by myself, Sean Farias, starting in 2012. The project became a two-piece band once drummer Jordan Heffernan joined in 2014. At the end of Summer 2015, we began to collaborate with Jordan’s very good friend Brad Tiessen. Brad and Jordan are lifelong friends, which provided us with a perfect fit to have him in the band shredding guitar. We got our first bassist Jacob Bailey nearing the end of Summer 2016. We recently parted ways but it was seriously a blast having him part of the team as we pumped out a tonne of shows in 2017 with him. We finished and released our debut EP “Release the Disease” in November 2015. The profits made from CD sales went directly to the Harrow Food Bank as a donation from us, and you our supportive friends, family, and fans! Our brand new LP was released at the end of 2016 titled “Mind = Enemy”. Check it out on any platform like over 150 different ones including ITunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. We hope you enjoy it! We are currently in the works of a special Deluxe LP. More to come soon.

Sean Farias - Vocals


I do vocals for the band! Rock til you're dead!



Jordan Heffernan - Drums



I bang drums for the band! Metal head for life!



Brad Tiessen - Guitar


I shred guitar for the band!







Interview with DeadMetalMusic (Summer 2015)


Huge thanks to for taking time to interview us about us and our band. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, who we are and more, check out the interview by clicking the Skull image near by. Also, please share the article or leave a like to help out DeadMetalMusic. They are very kind people and deserve the love!


Interview with Exposed Vocals (Fall 2016)


Huge thanks to Exposed Vocals for giving bands and musical artists all amazing opportunities to branch out into the world and get their music heard!


Interview with Stereo Stickman (Winter 2016)


It was an honor to work with Stereo Stickman on an awesome interview segment about our band and our new album release Mind = Enemy. Thank you so much for the opportunity and great experience!


Interview with NYS Music (Winter 2016)


A really cool intimate interview with NYS Music that our vocalist Sean did. This interview was released when the album and our first music video was released. It highlights both of those subjects, includes many great questions and answer and also upcoming show dates our band has. Thank you so much NYS Music for doing this for us and taking the time to help get out band out there more.


Mind = Enemy Album Review by From the Depths Entertainment (Winter 2017)


Certainly our most in depth album review and it is brought to you by our good friends at From the Depths Entertainment. Huge shout out to Mike Bohn for taking our band under his wing of knowledge and helping steer us in the right direction. We are very appreciative of the very positive album review and the interest and support they have given us!


Interview with From the Depths Entertainment (Winter 2016)


A very amazing interview we had with Mike Bohn of From the Depths Entertainment. It's been such an amazing experience working with him and we love how this interview turned out! If you want a very in depth interview from us, this one delivers the goods.


Crowd Review of "Enough is Enough" by Reverbnation (Winter 2016)


An overall review of our track "Enough is Enough" by 50 surveyed people. This really breaks down our track and also shows how peoples perceptions on music (especially metal) are drastically different. It's almost impossible to win everyone over with a song commercially, especially if it's metal. That is what makes the music industry such a tough industry to be in for bands like us. I am so proud of us and the overall reaction that we got on our song. Check out the PDF for the full review.


Interview with TWINMusix (Spring 2017)


This is another awesome interview covering both the band in general and the newest album we have released. Huge thanks to TWINMusix for this and for supporting the music scene and band like us to help bring publicity to what they do.