As part of Sean's Online Recording Services we now offer you all to be able to purchase ghost written tracks from us for yourself to own and use for your music. These tracks will be posted hear for you to preview and listen to.

Tracks for sale will range from drum tracks, full instrumentals and full songs with vocals too. It depends on what is available at the time and what we decide to make in our free time to post for sale.

Single Instrument Track = $50

Full Instrumental Track = $100

Full Song With Vocals = $150

When you purchase a track you will be given the full quality version plus all the stem files for the project.

If you like a track and want to purchase it and own the rights to it, email Sean over at

You will be able to pay him through Paypal to or head over to our merch site and purchase the relative item there with Paypal money or credit card.

Thank you for checking out the tracks and we hope we can help provide you the tools you need to create and release music of your own.